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Manufacturers of cycling or triathlon jerseys that we take advantage of the product and reuse it for weightlifting. Not.



What is it like to be under the bar, suffer each squat, the pain in your hands from the weekly sessions of technique and pulling … and because we know it we want to equip you with the equipment you need.



We are weightlifters, weightlifters like you. We sweat like you, we train like you and we want to improve competition by competition our brands, like you.

Because we understand you. Because we suffer it. And because we are passionate about this sport, we want to go further and further and be able to offer professional and 100% personalized technical equipment for you and your club.

Whether you are a club or a private individual, do not hesitate to contact us.


Halteras Team


Equipo Halteras quienes somos tienda


Together we will equip this sport with the textile quality and style it deserves. And you too, count on us !!

See ya on the stage !!