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Weightlifter Pro Sweatshirts

Our sweatshirts for men and women symbolize the philosophy and vision of our store, taking the passion for weightlifting beyond the stages. These garments have been designed with a special fabric to offer you softness, comfort and easy care with an exclusive and colorful style. Like the other types of sports equipment that we offer in our store are customizable for clubs.

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Urban Street Passion much more than a style

Our sublimated sweatshirts are original creations with unisex sizes and colorful design. Urban Street is not just a philosophy, it is a way of being, just like elite athletes, our stage colleagues and you, each sweatshirt transmits a part of the individual of all of us and together. all our passion for weightlifting.

The Halteras Soul sweatshirt is 100% organic and vegan cotton and does not allow customization.