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Discover our weightlifting singlets

The weightlifting singlets from Halteras are high-resistance and quality textile garments, handcrafted by Spanish manufacturers. The measurements and sizes of this type of sports equipment comply with the current regulations of official weightlifting competitions. Like the other types of sports equipment that we offer in our store, they are customizable for clubs.

Why do Weightlifting singlets make a difference?

All our weightlifting jerseys are nationally manufactured, we design, cut, print, manufacture and finish in-house. 100% handmade manufacturing with quality materials.

  • We guarantee the continuity of the models.
  • Personalization through sublimation allows you to create a totally personalized and exclusive kit.
  • The jerseys are designed for competition use only. Not for daily use or training.
  • Breathable and antibacterial fabric.
  • Own pattern designed exclusively for weightlifting competition.
  • Fine and light weight chosen for greater comfort of the athlete.


equipación personalizada halteras maillot para halterofilia

Maillot Halteras

Own singlets patterns
Ergonomic breathable fabric
Comfortable and customizable design
Ease of use and care
Safe and efficient shipping

Use and treatment of the competition singlet

What is sublimation?

The magic of sublimation is a technique that, through heat transfer, allows us to iron the colors we want on a white fabric. All our jerseys are made with this technique, which allows us to create a 100% customizable singlet.

Why am I telling you this?

You should know that the base fabric of any sublimated jersey is white. Over time and due to the use of the jersey and the friction of the bar, it is normal for the garment to suffer wear on the athlete’s thigh, revealing the original color of the fabric.

Take care of your weightlifting jersey

To ensure the durability of the jersey, it is important to be careful with the garment both when dressing and undressing. At the time of purchasing the product, we will send you some recommendations for use to follow. It is also essential to read the washing instructions before treating the jersey.

We have prepared an article dedicated to the use and care of the weightlifting singlet to learn more about its care.

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