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Frequent Questions about Shipping and Returns

The delivery time of a Halteras jersey in stock is 48-72h, if for any reason the delivery is delayed you will receive an email indicating the new delivery date. If you need more information, consult the General Conditions page.

The prices shown in Dumbbells include VAT but not shipping costs. The amount to pay for the shipment will depend on the place of residence and will be specified before making the payment. Purchases over € 90 are exempt from shipping costs. The Krag and Chikara weightlifting jerseys are free of shipping costs. If you need more information, consult our General Conditions.

Yes, we do returns, but only for reasons of manufacturing and / or manufacturing errors. In this case, we will take care of the costs of collecting the jersey to be returned and shipping the new jersey. If you need more information, see our Exchanges and Returns page.

Yes, you can request a change in the size of your sports jersey, but in this case the buyer is the one who is responsible for paying the shipping costs of the change. For more information on this, consult our Exchanges and Returns section. If you have questions about your size, check the Size Guide before buying your weightlifting jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Equipment

The delivery time for custom weightlifting garments and jerseys will be specified prior to confirmation of purchase. Consult with our commercial through

To customize your weightlifting jersey you must send the vector file (pdf, illustrator (.ai), svg …) and in CMYK colors for printing, the RGB format is not compatible for textile printing.

All our weightlifting jerseys are 100% sublimable with the design you send us. Check our General Conditions page to find out if your design meets all legal requirements. For more information send an email to

This may vary depending on the order. For more information write to us at and a salesperson will contact you.

Personalized club equipment

If you want to customize your club’s weightlifting kit, contact us at and let us know what you have in mind. We will help you from start to finish with the customization process!

Frequently asked questions about our maillots

If during the purchase process we inform you that we do not have stock of the weightlifting jersey you want to buy, contact us at and we will inform you of the replacement date of the jersey.

Dynami, Krag and Chikara are regulation competition jerseys and you can race them. We already do it!

Don’t worry, get in touch with us at and tell us: the jersey model, the design and the size you need and we will send it to you.

Of course you can! From Halteras we want to promote this practice. When we compete, we do it with the jersey and many times we have not even tried it on before the competition. That can cause us problems of discomfort or cause a strange sensation when we are only used to training with pants or tights. We believe that it is very important to get used to wearing the jersey during training, many elite weightlifters already do it. What are you waiting for?

Maillot Care FAQs

No, our weightlifting maillots do not shrink when washed due to their synthetic fabrics.

We recommend that you wash your weightlifting jersey in cold water and avoid using fabric softeners.

We recommend that you keep it in your usual place and above all that you make sure to wash it before storing it.