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Frequent Questions about Shipping and Returns

The delivery time will depend on the type of product purchased. As a general rule, the delivery time for t-shirts and sweatshirts usually takes 1 week, while in the case of weightlifting jerseys, the delivery time can be extended to a maximum of 3 weeks.

If for any reason the delivery is delayed, you will receive an email indicating the new delivery date. If you need more information, consult the General Conditions page.

The prices shown in Halteras include VAT but not shipping costs. The amount to pay for the shipment will depend on the place of residence and will be specified before making the payment. Purchases over €90 are exempt from shipping costs.

If you need more information about shipping costs, consult our General Conditions.

Yes, we do refunds. Keep in mind that you can return any product from our store as long as it is justified as a cause of manufacturing defect, stain, sublimation error and/or any factory-derived problem. Said return is subject to verification by Halteras of the manufacturing fault.

In case you wish to make a return, you must proceed as follows:

    1. Inform HALTERAS of the reason for the return via email: Corresponding order number, the date of purchase of the item, address to which it was shipped, personal data and email used in the purchase.
    2. Proceed by the CUSTOMER to send the garment to the address of next shipment: AV. Maré de deu de Montserrat 179, esca B, ATC 3 4º 08041 Barcelona The CUSTOMER will be responsible for the cost of shipping the garment.
    3. Upon receipt of the garment HALTERAS will study it and verify the incidence transmitted by part of the CUSTOMER.
    4. HALTERAS will inform the CUSTOMER of whether or not to proceed to the return if the reasons for return transmitted by the CUSTOMER are valid or invalid.
    5. Such return is subject to the verification by HALTERAS of the manufacturing fault.
    6. In the event that there are valid reasons: the new garment will be sent to the address provided in the initial order if not this be changed. And the expenses involved in sending the garment to our facilities will be credited to the account. Said payment will be made effective within one week after receipt and final confirmation of the shipped product.


In the event that the reasons for the return are not valid: The original garment will be returned without change and the CLIENT will assume the shipping costs derived from said return by debiting the account after the end of said shipment.


If you need more information, consult our page Exchanges and Returns.

Yes, you can request a change of size, but in this case you will have to bear the costs shipping for change. For more information on this, see our section Exchanges and Returns. You have a period of 7 calendar days to request a change in size.

Important: In each product file you will find a size guide for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Equipment

Delivery time for personalized weightlifting garments and singlets will be 3 weeks. If for any reason the delivery deadlines will not be met, you will receive a notice to the email that you provided us with when purchasing the product.

To customize your weightlifting jersey. you must send the vector file (pdf, illustrator(.ai), svg…) and in CMYK colors for printing, the RGB format is not compatible for textile printing.

See the section “Club equipment” for more information on customization options. If you are an individual user contact us.

This may vary depending on the order. For more information write to us at and a salesperson will contact you.

Personalized club equipment

If you want to customize your club’s weightlifting kit, contact us at and let us know what you have in mind. We will help you from start to finish with the customization process!

Frequently asked questions about our weightlifting singlets

If during the purchase process we inform you that we do not have stock of the garment you want to buy, you have the option to reserve the product until its next replacement.

All the jerseys that we offer in our store are for competition and you can compete with any of them. We already do it!

We recommend using the jersey with caution, as continued use can accelerate the wear process of the garment. They are kits specially designed for weightlifting competitions and championships.

See “use and care of the weighlifting singlet” and “12 mistakes to avoid weightlifting singlets” to learn everything you need to know about their care.

Maillot Care FAQs

No, our weightlifting maillots do not shrink when washed due to their synthetic fabrics.

We recommend that you wash your weightlifting singlet in cold water and avoid using fabric softeners.

We recommend that you keep it in your usual place and above all that you make sure to wash it before storing it.